Meet some of the team

The Leaders of Unlimited

James Grier is the ordained leader of Unlimited – in other words he’s the vicar type. He’s also the leader of Soul Exeter, a monthly youth celebration set up about 8 years ago with massive help and support from Soul Survivor, Watford. James is also a part-time advisor for the Diocese of Exeter on youth church. During the summer, he can be found wandering the fields of the Bath and West Showground, trying not to get muddy as the Pastoral Coordinator for Soul Survivor Festivals. He’s also been known to do the odd seminar.

He is married to the wonderful Liz, with whom he leads Unlimited – see below! James and Liz have been married for long enough to be parents to some of the youth we work with! They are not, but do have two gorgeous boys called Josh (9) and Toby (7) who think they lead the church as much as their parents!

Liz Grier is the other core leader of Unlimited and the good-looking, intelligent, sporty, musical one! As you may have picked up above or just from their names, she’s married to James. She’s also Josh and Toby’s mum. When she’s not doing all things Unlimited or caring for the boys, she’s usually to be found out running or somewhere near her harp! Liz is a professional harpist and plays at weddings, functions and even funerals. If you’re interested or nosey you can find out more at her website!

The Leadership Team

Steve and Helen Pollard add some maturity and a wealth of wisdom and experience to Unlimited. They have three grown up children scattered around the country. They run an awesome organisation called Bespoke, which offers a fantastic fusion of counselling and Spirit-led ministry (

Ed Hodges is a 3rd year Theology student at Exeter Uni. He loves sailing and all things Mac. He’s also a whizz at graphic design – just to protect his professional reputation he had nothing to do with this website, some excuse about a dissertation! He has a blog – which according to him is well worth reading!

James West is our treasurer. When he’s not counting money or playing with spreadsheets he’ll be out climbing some ridiculous rock face somewhere. When he’s not climbing he’s helping others to climb! He is the deputy manager at Heatree Activity Centre. He’s engaged to Ruth Johns – see below!

Ruth Johns is doing a Masters in Sport Psychology. It’s all a bit beyond the rest of us, so I can’t tell you anymore about it. She’s doing it at Cardiff, whilst living in Exeter. Maybe the reason is because she’s engaged to James West – see above. She doesn’t have a website, but she does work for Clip n Climb.

Alison Young is a 3rd year Astrophysicist. We think that she is the most cultured member of the team and she enjoys walking and foreign travel! Alison also wins the award for being part of Unlimited the longest, she joined us as a youth herself! She doesn’t have a website either, but I bet she’d enjoy this one!

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