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You can contact us via

Our mailing address is: Unlimited Church, The Old Deanery, The Cloisters, Exeter. EX1 1HS

We meet at Mary Arches Church, which is on Mary Arches Street in the centre of Exeter.

If you are old, it’s around the corner behind BHS.
If you’re into home furnishings, it’s just around from the Futon Company.
If you’re Jewish, it’s just before Synagogue Place and the Synagogue.
If you are used to trying to park in Exeter, it’s just next to Mary Arches Car Park.
If you do directions via pubs and clubs it’s opposite Rococos and Mosaic!
If you need GPS, the postcode is EX4 3BA


Unlimited Church has just become a registered charitable company. We’re very excited about it. We even have a company number, we don’t get to use it very often, so we thought it might be useful on this page. In case you’re interested, it’s 7902369

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