Easter revisited – including an update on venues etc!

Over the next few days we’re doing a few different things!! It’s put far more interestingly in the video below! 

Thursday 5th April

7pm ‘Last Supper’ – the night before Jesus died they had a last meal together – it was meal of betrayal, high emotion, trauma and yet power – come and have pizza and see what happened (They didn’t have pizza by the way!) Venue is now confirmed as the back room of Mary Arches, please come to the back entrance behind the church, towards Mary Arches Car Park/Mama Stones!

Friday 6th April

10.30am Easter Drama in City Centre –
a fantastic drama powerfully re-enacting the events of Good Friday throughout Exeter city centre. Meet by Jack Wills – don’t be late or you’ll miss it! This is powerful stuff, played out right across the city centre ending with people being crucified on the Cathedral Green. Come to see for yourself the events at the heart of Christian faith.

Sunday 8th April

4.30pm Easter Celebration –
Sunday Unlimited with Easter Eggs – an hour celebrating Easter!

If you are thinking about coming but want to check details etc email or ring me on 07825610288

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